Pizza making tools and accessories

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Pizza peel



Now that your oven is all fired up, let’s have a look at some basic kitchen tools required to make that perfect, home-made, wood fired pizza.

Scale – For weighing the heavy stuff like flour and water; preferably digital with a “zero” function for adding ingredients (yes, we are going to weigh the water).

Small scale – for measuring the lighter ingredients like yeast and salt (not crucial).

Stand Mixer – For mixing and kneading the dough, also not crucial, work the dough by hand and let “time” do the hard work (more on this topic when we discuss the basics on dough).

Prep bowls, measuring cups and spoons.

Dough cutter – To divide the dough …………or use a knife.

Container to “rest” the dough – or plastic wrap to cover dough in bowl (something that can fit into the fridge).

Rolling pin – to roll out the dough (or stretch the dough by hand – takes some practice!!).

Pizza peel – To load pizza in and out of the oven.

Pastry brush – Some pizzas require the crust to be coated with some olive- or infused olive oil.

Pizza wheel OR Rocking pizza cutter – To cut the pizza.

Wooden board – For cutting and serving.

Fire….. Sorted

Tools….. Sorted

Dough and Pizza Sauce NEXT…..





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