Pizza and Bread Wood Fired Ovens

Wood fired ovens have been around for 3,000 years or at best the early rise of civilization.

In much of Europe, the ovens were owned by nobility or the Church, who charged the locals a fee to bake or fined them if they avoided using the communal ovens.

As time progressed so did the rules and regulations, the Fournier (official baker) who had done the work to cut the firewood and heat the oven was declared the owner of the heat. Published rules forbade the drying of certain crops, determined which timber could be used, who had the purchased right to clean out the ashes (this was sold as fertilizer) and who had the purchased rights to take the breadcrumb sweepings away – used as chicken feed.

Now, thousands of years later, you have the opportunity to reconnect with these traditional wood-fired cooking styles, what better way to entertain than with a wood-fired pizza or bread oven, it adds new flavour to dishes, adds value to your lifestyle and makes a long lasting and attractive addition to any entertaining area, – our wood fired pizza and bread ovens are the ultimate foodie must have!!

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