And Other Stoked Accessories

As needs and usage vary, we have separated our oven range into four groups namely: residential pizza ovens, bread ovens, commercial ovens and mobile ovens.

Residential Pizza Oven

Our Stoked Residential Pizza ovens are the best choice for most homeowners. Available in a core package for a do-it-yourself, or on-site installation managed by our team of oven builders. The dome and floor heats up quickly and ensure consistency and ease of use. Think pizza, steaks, roasts, veggies, pasta, bread and herbs.
Our residential pizza ovens feature a 900mm internal diameter and require a base of 1400mm x 1400mm and weighs between 400kg and 750kg depending on finish.

Bread Ovens

Stoked residential bread ovens for your home have a thicker dome and a correspondingly thicker floor which is rectangular in shape. This means they will take longer to heat up but the oven will retain the heat longer. This is advantageous for bread bakers, those looking to entertain on a grand scale or for the self-admitted foodie who plans on multiple days of cooking. Our bread ovens are custom build according to requirements and available space.

Commercial Ovens

Commercial grade ovens for your take away, restaurant, deli or tea garden features a firebrick dome and floor. These ovens will take longer to heat up but the oven will hold the heat longer because of its increased insulation. This is advantageous for operations who want to store as much energy as possible and to cut on firing cost.

Mobile Pizza Ovens

Looking for a great portable wood fired oven for your catering business or restaurant? We combined our world-class pizza ovens with expertise in portable design, trailers and catering to provide expert portable wood-fired oven solutions. Wherever the road takes you!


STOKED Wood Fired Ovens sells a vast selection of premium quality pizza tools and accessories for both professionals and residential pizza enthusiasts. We stock a large range of peels, brushes, screens, pizza paddles and boards.